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Hello and welcome to Just Me & My Kindle!  I started this blog back in August of 2015 but I’ve been blogging and reviewing since 2013 with Sassy Divas Book Blog.  We then changed to The Divas Book Lounge where you can still find me as an active admin but I was always wanting to have a blog that was just me.  Join our amazing group HERE! I wanted a place to share just my own thoughts and walla Just Me & My Kindle was born!  I love to read book about angst and romance and I long for books that will rip me to shreds and tear my heart out!  Thanks for stopping by and you can also find me on my social media sites below.  Please note at the end of August 2016 I switched servers and by my own stupidity I lost everything that was previously published on my blog from August 2015 to August 2016.

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