HUGE 5 Star Review: A MUST READ! Farewell, my Loves by Jen Tirone

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HUGE 5 Star Review: A MUST READ! Farewell, my Loves by Jen TironeFarewell, my Loves: Inspired by a true story by Jen Tirone
on December 12th 2016
Pages: 330
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Love. Passion. Obsession.
There was no way to distinguish one from the other in my life. Nothing in this world could destroy a bond as fierce as ours.
Or so I believed…
Because life interfered. Impulsive decisions, reaped unyielding consequences. Fate had a way of making you question your sanity. Loyalties were blurred. Priorities, poisoned. And destiny… destiny dispelled all our beliefs.
In the end love was just too consuming.
Tragic even.
Without a doubt, love... crossed many unfathomable lines.

HUGE 5 Star Review: A MUST READ!

Farewell, my Loves by Jen Tirone

Have you ever come across a book that just blows you away??  That just knocks you off your butt and leaves you in awe of the author and how they were able to transport you into a book?  This book for me was Farewell, my Loves.  OH MY LORD!  This book.  It’s everything.  It’s why I read!  It’s why I love the escape from reality that I get while I read.  The words just jumped off the pages and I could so vividly see the story come to life!  I could so see this up on the big screen.  There are several scenes in my head that I see in clear perfect vision.  It’s quite amazing.  This is my diamond in the rough gem of a book for this year.  Ms Tirone is a debut author and I’m BLOWN AWAY at her ability for being a newbie.  I would have thought she was a seasoned writer.  She has quickly barreled her way into my world and I will forever be stalking err… following her faithfully.  She gave me everything! Angst, check. Heartbreak, check. Epic love, check.  An unforgettable story, check.  If you read one book by the end of the year, THIS HAS TO BE IT! This was a HUGE HUGE HUGE 5 star read and this will be on my best of 2016 list!

Gio and Gia, sigh…. They were destined to be together forever.  They were supposed to have an epic love. They were inseparable in their small Sicilian town. They were each others best friends growing up and their families had were like family. It made sense they were destined to be husband and wife.  But when Gio left for the United States, he left Gia behind. She was devastated. Gio was her world.  Years would go by, letters would be exchanged fewer and fewer by the year until the day Gio returned for his Gia.  It was like finally they would get their happily ever after. But Gio wasn’t there to stay, he was there to take Gia back to the United States were they would start their family.

Gia wasn’t sure what Gio did for a living. She knew he ran business but one night she was witness to his dealing and it would forever change her. Being a wife to a notorious mobster was not what Gia had in mind when she was going up in Sicily.  But she loved Gio with all her heart and learned to turn a blind eye to his business. Until she could no longer.

I’m going to stop there because I really don’t want to spoil their story.  ITS EPIC!  EPIC I TELL YOU! I finished this book days ago and sitting here reliving their story makes me emotional.  I was very close to tears several times and those emotions are again stirred as I’m writing this.  This is a book that needs to be read! This is a book that needs to be shared with your friends.  THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOSE BOOKS YOU CANNOT GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!!!  I hope you take a chance on this debut author and fall in love with this book as I did.

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