MUST READ SERIES NOW IN BOXED SET!! Love Letter Duet, The Encore Edition by Callie Anderson

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MUST READ SERIES NOW IN BOXED SET!!  Love Letter Duet, The Encore Edition by Callie AndersonLove Letter Duet: The Encore Edition by Callie Anderson
on October 18th 2016
Pages: 557
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Our love was fatal.

Weston Carter was all kinds of wrong for a girl like me. He was musician, a womanizer, and a first class heartbreaker.
But our love was epic, the kind people wrote stories about. We fell into it hard, unable to control our feelings.

The first time we met I knew.
Emilia was my love.
My muse.
The woman who owned my soul.
Emilia was perfection.

Two shattered hearts.
Two broken lives.
One fucked up love story.


Love Letter Duet, The Encore Edition by Callie Anderson

Cover Design: Sarah Hansen/Okay Creations

Photo Credit: Scott Hoover Photography

Model: Josh Kloss

Release Date: October 18, 2016


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Since this is two books now available in an amazing boxed set with an additional 30,000 words, I thought I would share my reviews from when I read each book individually. This series is just AH-MA-ZING! It’s so filled with angst and heartbreak it fills my inner angst whore with joy!!!  Have tissues handy as you will need them!!!  But in the end, I loved every second of it and hope you take the time to pick these up and savor and enjoy them as much as I have!!


My Thoughts on Invisible Love Letter

When my book friend Linda messaged me one day practically screaming at me to READ THIS BOOK I know she was serious! She works in public relations and it’s not often that she is telling me to drop everything and read this one so I knew I was in for it! I knew at one part it would probably rip my heart out (but Linda knows I love a good heart ripping) and I knew it would be I soon wouldn’t forget! Well after reading I can tell you that this is one that you need to NOW STOP EVERYTHIND AND READ! Invisible Love Letter by Callie Anderson just blew me away! It sucked the life out of me and left me heart broken. I love it when a book brings out so much emotion in the reader and this did if for me! I wanted to strangle Emmy and I wanted to have Weston’s babies! I wanted them to find their happy place but it just seems like things could never be in sync for them.

Emmy knows the rock and roll lifestyle, she was born into it. Her father was a musician and her mother toured with his group. Her parents had to kind of love that is once in a lifetime. They were soul mates and when Emmy’s mother passes away, she saw the devastation first hand that left his father in shambles. She saw how it destroyed him and she vowed never to fall in love, especially with a musician. Even though one of her closest friends is in a band and she works in the music industry she knows to stay far away from falling for one of them. With groupies and drugs, it’s a combination she wants no part of!

Weston… sigh….. Just saying his name makes me all warm and fuzzy! I just loved him! Weston is everything that Emmy thinks she needs to stay away from. He’s the lead singer of a band and he always has different women around him. But Weston is determined to show Emmy how wrong she is. He is determined to have her fall in love with him. Against her better judgment, she opens her heart. They start a passionate love affair you can only dream about.

Just when I’m thinking finally, Weston gets the call that every band dreams of. The band is starting to make it big and Emmy knows first-hand how love can hold back a music career. But she also has a secret that she feels will change everything, that it will ruin Weston’s dreams. So she does the one thing she thinks is best, she sets him free. She tells him they could not be together, that he needs to live his dream and forget about her.

Right about now the kindle throwing starts, the angry messages to the author happen, and I’m left pissed off!!! And then I think to myself, gah… I love it!!!! Fast forward four years and Emmy and Weston’s paths cross again. Being the sucker for true love, I’m so frustrated with Emmy! Why can’t she just let her guard down and open her eyes to how good she and Weston’s love can be???!!! She thinks she is doing the best thing for her and protecting herself when all she is doing is going through the motions of life.

Will they passion they share still be there all these years? What happens when Weston discovers her secret? She has protected herself for years and now in a blink of an eye, her world starts to crumble around her. Will Weston be able to forgive her? You’ll need to read Invisible Love Letter to find out!! 5 huge stars!!!

My Thoughts on  Endless Love Letter

Where to start, where to start… Endless Love Letter just broke me!! Shattered Me!! But then melted my heart in so many ways! First off, you need to read Invisible Love Letter because it was just outstanding! It was one of my favorites for 2015 and it is one that you need to read! Callie Anderson gave us a phenomenal conclusion and again, she nailed it!!! If you have not read Invisible Love Letter you need to stop reading this and one click it!!

Because this is a conclusion to a story I won’t go into story line because I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone!! Know there were moments of OMGAWD I still want to slip Emmy and tell her to wake up!! There are moments where Wes still melts my heart. And there are moments here my heart was crushed. This story is Weston’s and lord have mercy I love him more!! I have always been #teamWes but now he holds my heart and got moved up the book boyfriend latter!

This is just a series that touches your soul and makes you want Emmy and Wes to have their happily ever after when all of the world and fate is working against them. I have warned you, there will be tissues, there will be tears, and there will be moments of cursing the author but I wouldn’t trade any moment of them!! 5 huge stars!!



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