Review: American King by Sierra Simone

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Review: American King by Sierra SimoneAmerican King by Sierra Simone
Published by Amazon Digital Services on October 31st, 2017
Pages: 456
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They say that every tragic hero has a fatal flaw, a secret sin, a tiny stitch sewn into his future since birth. And here I am. My sins are no longer secret. My flaws have never been more fatal. And I’ve never been closer to tragedy than I am now.

I am a man who loves, a man whose love demands much in return. I am a king, a king who was foolish enough to build a kingdom on the bones of the past. I am a husband and a lover and a soldier and a father and a president.And I will survive this.

Long live the king.


Review: American King by Sierra Simone

My Thoughts…

I’m so torn with this series!!   I just feel in love with Greer, Embry, and Mason and was sort of scared to read the last novel.  This story is such an epic love story and the first two books just sucked me in.  I was living in their little bubble and I was so thrilled to be there.  With American King I don’t know if I got that same feeling.  While this is an EPIC love story, don’t get me wrong, I just feel the last book didn’t have the same impact as the first two.  Ms Simone’s writing is exceptional.  The way she describes a scene is pure poetry.  She is a word wizard and I am amazed and her ability to tell a story but I felt a times the story was dragged out.  This book is over 400 pages alone so you know its not going to be a quick read but I found myself wondering what else can I learn about these characters?

I know many who absolutely loved this book.  I just wish it sucked me in like the others.  There were some twists and turns that were not expected but in the end I found myself skimming pages and wondering when it was going to end.  I will forever love Sierra Simone and will read anything she writes but this was just fell flat for me.  If I was to review the entire series I would rate it a solid 4 stars but for American King only, I would have to give it 3 1/2 stars.

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When I was twenty-two, I met a prince. He seemed to be the exact opposite of everything I was—loud where I was quiet, smiling where I frowned, careless where I was careful, careful, careful. Embry joined the Army because Vivienne Moore wanted her son to craft the perfect politician’s resume. I joined because it seemed like the place to continue my never-ending quest for honor; because becoming an officer in the Army had a certain cachet in my neighborhood; because I wanted to somehow cosmically return the favor for my college scholarship; because the structure and rigid hierarchy of military life appealed to me.

Most importantly, I joined because I knew Carpathia was the most dangerous place in the world at the time, and I felt needed there in a way I can’t describe. It was like a barometric pressure that made my bones and teeth ache when I tried to resist it. I knew that I was supposed to be there in the same way I knew that God was real or that I was bisexual. It was a fact, even if it couldn’t be seen.

And after all that, then I see this lieutenant refuse to break up a fight? When we were there on the brink of war and responsible for safekeeping innocents nearby? No. I wasn’t an angry person, but I was a disciplined one, and the one thing I couldn’t tolerate in other people was a lack of it.

I only meant to shake some sense into him, to tell him clearly and unmistakably that he wouldn’t get away with that shit while I was around, but then he turned, and I saw his face for the first time.

And it was over.


One look at those winter-blue eyes and those delicate lips and I was finished. One glance at his lean, long body, and I was falling. Every part of me responded with heat and flush and wrenching want, like a hook had been fastened somewhere in my chest and was now giving an almighty tug, and the only thing to ease the ache would be to get closer, closer, closer.

I’d never seen a boy so beautiful. Haughty as he was, overindulged and so obviously dissolute, he was the loveliest person, boy or girl, I’d ever seen.

I still pinned him against the wall, though. And it was when I had him against the wall with my forearm on his throat and my body trapping his that he sealed his fate. As I was choking him, he looked at me with his whole world in his eyes.



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