Review: End of Eden ( Se7en Sinners #2) by SL Jennings

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Review: End of Eden ( Se7en Sinners #2) by SL JenningsEnd of Eden (Se7en Sinners Book 2) by S.L. Jennings
on February 25, 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 261
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I thought I knew what Hell was like.
I thought I had been living it all these years on Earth—abandoned, forgotten, and left with a dangerous secret that not only made me the Se7en’s #1 target but also turned me into a deadly weapon, a threat to every human in my path.
I was wrong.

In order to survive Lucifer’s plans for me, and his unquenchable thirst for more power, I have to surrender my humanity. I have to lose a part of myself in order to find my way back to him.
Back to the demon who saved me, only to break me.
Back to Legion.

But even supreme evil has its limits, and the real foes never show their devastatingly beautiful faces.
Forget fire and brimstone. They aren’t shit compared to what’s coming.

Centuries-old bonds will be broken. Unlikely alliances will be forged. And innocent blood will be spilled. Blood that will stain my hands for the rest of my mortal days.

I thought I knew what Hell was like.
I was wrong.
Hell is coming.
Hell is just the beginning.

Review: End of Eden ( Se7en Sinners #2) by SL Jennings

Every. Single. Time!!  SL Jennings pulls me into her world and sucks me in!!  She has the amazing ability to spin a tale of angels, demons, warlocks, and other unworldly creatures and I’m on the edge of my seat biting my nails wondering what the HELL is going to happen next!!!  I love it that she has brought us another amazing paranormal series as I fell this is her sweet spot. I first fell in love with her in Dark Light and it continues with End of Eden.  Her imagination is endless and I am happy to get lost in her world of darkness.  I cannot wait for more of the Se7en and will be patiently (maybe impatiently) waiting for the next installment.

End of Eden is a continuation of Born Sinners and picks up right where we left off.  There  was more than one surprise in this book that is for sure!! POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD SO PLEASE STOP IF YOU HAVEN’T READ BORN SINNERS.  Ok… now the disclaimer is out of the way.  Eden finds herself face to face with the devil himself, Lucifer.  What I was shocked and amazed is how SL Jennings showed us a side of him that had me questioning my own sanity.  Did I feel sorry for Lucifer?? Did I want Lucifer to be happy???  Was I sitting here thinking what the hell is wrong with me!!!??? HELL YES!! I so was not expecting this and side of him and even though he is evil there’s a method to the madness. He will do what he can to protect the one he loves.  This side of him and his loyalty was unexpected.

Eden is still conflicted with her feelings with Legion. Add in her mixed emotions with Lucifer and her world has been turned upside down. In the back of her mind she is always questioning if Legion loves her for who she is, not who has claimed her. Self doubt is an awful monster that will cause her to question everything and loyalties will be tested.  A new player will come into play and an appearance of an old friend had my heart melting.  In the end I was wanting to chuck my kindle, slap a character or two and I was left thinking OH.MY.GOD!!!! What is going to happen next!!! I’m giddy with excitement for what’s to come!! This was another HUGE 5 star read for me!! This series is a MUST READ!!  Loved every second of it!!

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