Review: Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills

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Review: Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-MillsFake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills
on February 5th, 2016
Pages: 250
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Fake engaged to the hottest quarterback in the country? SCORE.
They say nothing compares to your first kiss,But our first kiss was orchestrated for an audience.Our second kiss . . . that one was REAL.He cradled my face like he was terrified he'd f*ck it up.He stared into my eyes until the air buzzed.Soft and slow, full of sighs and little laughs,He inhaled me like I was the finest Belgian chocolate,And he'd never get another piece.A nip of his teeth, his hand at my waist . . .And I was lost.I forgot he was paying me to be his fake fiancée.I forgot we weren't REAL.Our kiss was pure magic, and before you laugh and say those kinds of kisses don't exist,Then you've never touched lips with Max Kent, the hottest quarterback in college history.
Three months. Two hearts. One fake engagement.

Review: Fake Fiancée by Ilsa Madden-Mills

Ilsa Madden-Mills redeemed herself with me with this one! I was not a big fan of her previous release but have loved all of her other works so I decided to give Fake Fiancée a try.   I’m so glad I did as I just loved it! But then again, what’s not to love about a sexy quarterback and the girl next door???  Who doesn’t fantasize about landing the hottest guy in school??  Max and Sunny’s story was different than most sports romance I’ve come across and any girl could see themselves in Sunny.  It was a story that was easy to identify with and the story flowed effortlessly.

Max has his eye on the prize, to be the Heisman Trophy winner and to win the College National Championship.  He knows to do this he doesn’t want any distractions.  With every girl practically throwing themselves at him at every turn distractions are at every corner.  He knows if he’s going to win the prize. He needs to focus.  He doesn’t want or need female problems to get in the way of this career. It seems that every girl he comes in contact with is determined to be “The One”. When one of his fan girls attempts to trap him in a precarious position, he propositions the girl next door with an offer she cannot refuse.  To be his fake girlfriend for the season.  It’s a win-win.

Sunny is focus is school. She’s not a party girl but sticks to herself and very small circle of friends. On the first day of school on the new fall semester she finds her neighbor’s latest conquest has smashed the side of her car.  Furious at the situation she demands he do something to fix it.  There is something about Sunny that sparks Max interest.  He decides to proposition her for a way to make easy money for the semester for her and a way to keep the groupies at bay for him.  Now he just has to convince her to the idea.

What starts out as friends pretending to be dating snowballs into something more.  But when the season is over what will happen?  Will the façade continue or did Sunny awake something in Max he didn’t know he was looking for?  You’ll need to read Fake Fiancée to find out!!

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Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills writes about strong heroines and sexy alpha males that sometimes you just want to slap.

She’s addicted to all things fantasy, including unicorns and sword-wielding females. She has a degree in English and a Master’s in Education. When she’s not pecking away on her computer, she shops for cool magnets and fuzzy pajamas.

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