Review: Illegitimate by Lulu Astor

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Review: Illegitimate by Lulu AstorIllegitimate by Lulu Astor
Series: Infidelity World Novella Series
on March 21st, 2017
Pages: 125
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Meet the new boss…

Luca Costello, heir apparent to the New York Costello organized-crime family, is a man committed to sin, both professionally and personally. He takes no prisoners and expects no quarter.

Gabriella Buchanan, a beautiful and determined Chicago attorney with family ties to Brooklyn is on her way up when her path accidentally crosses with this son of a major New York crime boss. One look at the sexy, sloe-eyed Luca and she is instantly conflicted. She’s never been so attracted to any man before but they’re on different sides of a dividing line: the law.

For Luca, it’s simple. He can take what he wants and what he wants is Gabriella. In a universe of what-ifs, one thing is certain: Gabriella will prove to be either his saving grace or his fall from grace. The only question is which one it will be.

Review: Illegitimate by Lulu Astor

My Thoughts….

I just loved The Infidelity Series and I have to admit Luca Costello was a character that piqued my interest so when I saw this novella with his own story I couldn’t wait to read it!!  I so would love a full length novel of just Luca!!  There is just something about a sexy alpha Italian with alleged mob ties that I just love! It’s seriously my weakness!! I just LOVE mob stories!!  and Illegitimate just hit all the sweet spots!

Luca Costello is next in line for to be the head of the Costello Crime family. Only problem is he’s trying to run legitimate business. His father is insistent on grooming him for the family business but Luca has other ideas. He wants to make a name for himself without the mob ties.  He’s a ladies man with the hottest women in New York vying for his attention.  He’s sexy and suave, he doesn’t have to work to get a women.

Gabriella is unlike most women.  She’s helping out her family in the bakery while she’s waiting to start her job as an Attorney.  When Luca comes into the bakery to pick up an order, she is immediately taken back on how handsome he is.  She has a boyfriend so she’s not looking for a relationship but there is just something about him that takes her breath away.  The feeling is mutual and Luca is captivated by Gabriella.

Since Gabriella will be moving to New York for work Luca invites her to look at some properties. The more time he spends with her  the more he wants her. She also feels the draw to Luca. She knows what a dangerous man he is and she should stay far away. When her life starts falling apart, she is forced into doing things she doesn’t want to do.  A trap is set for Luca and she must pick sides.  Will Gabriella follow her heart or do what she knows is right??? Illegitimate is a thrilling ride that I thoroughly enjoyed!  Even if you have not read the Infidelity Series this is one to pick up!! You will not be disappointed! Solid 4 stars!!

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