Review: Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher

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Review: Love Me in the Dark by Mia AsherLove Me in the Dark by Mia Asher
on May 10th, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Two strangers in Paris ...One passionate, earth-shattering kiss.
He was the artist upstairs with the tantalizing smile and laughing eyes.
He was the devil inviting me to sin, seducing me to dance in the bright moonlight.
He was desire and need.
When he touched me, my body sang. My soul came alive.
But I belonged to another man, and he didn't want to let me go.

Review: Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher

My Thoughts…

Mia Asher always brings us an angst filed romance that by the end I want to throw my kindle across the room (this is a good thing) and Love Me in the Dark is no exception. The range of emotions I felt while reading was all over the place!!  I swooned, I loved, I hated, I wanted to yell and scream, and I wanted most of all for the characters to find their happy place.  This was so close to a five star read for me but in the end I was conflicted.  I wanted just a tad more.  Is this just me being a selfish reader? I don’t know but I wanted just one more chapter.  I just wanted more Sebastien to be honest!!  I just loved him and I wanted more from his story.  The story is told in multiple points of views from each main player and it gives a great dimension to the story.  I would highly recommend reading and falling in love just like I did!  From the prologue I was hooked and simply devoured this book!

Valentina thought her marriage was perfect until she caught her husband, William, cheating. They’ve had some rough patches but they are committed to making their marriage work.  Somewhere along the way Valentina feel like she’s lost her way.  She is so wrapped up in her marriage that she has lost her sense of self-worth.  William plans a romantic getaway to Paris to get their marriage back on track.  He has business meetings to deal with while there so he thought he could take Valentina and make a vacation of it.  When he backs out at the last minute, Valentina decides to stay and enjoy her time.  She needed to have time to rediscover who she is. One night she stubbles across an art gallery that unknowing to her was currently holding a private event.  Before she can be called out by the party host, a handsome Frenchman saves her.  He will end up saving her in more ways than she realizes. The feelings she starts to feel for Sebastien leave her conflicted.  She knows she should be loyal to her husband but she is feeling for alive now than she ever has.

I wish I knew why I was crying, but it’s all a jumble in my head, in my heart.  I cry because I am happy when I shouldn’t be.  I cry because I’m in love with a man who isn’t my husband.  And I cry because my husband doesn’t deserve this kind of betrayal.

Sebastien… sigh… he is so damn swoon worthy!! He’s been through the darkest of the dark. Fate keeps bringing him and Valentina together.  First at the art gallery and then they discover they are neighbors.  They form a friendship and over time he feels like Valentina can be the one to bring him back to life.  He’s had relationships over the years but Valentina is special.  He wants more with her, but he’s knows she belongs to another.

She showed me how beautiful life could be again, but she didn’t fucking teach me how to live without her, how to breathe without her.

The husband… William. Ugh!!!  His point of view was surprising and added another aspect of the book that I never saw coming!!  He portrays the perfect husband but looks can be deceiving.  He must do all he can to keep his marriage together.  But what skeletons are in his closet? Can he keep them hidden?

These characters put me through the ringer!! At one point I wanted to drop punch one in the throat, I wanted to slap another, but in the end I wanted them all to find the happiness they each are searching. Can Valentina and William work through their issues? Where happens to Sebastien in all of this? Will be second fiddle to William? This is another angst filed love story that will have you on the edge until the very end.  Go check out Love Me in the Dark and see if you have the same feelings I did!


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About Mia Asher

I’m a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, I might be a bit crazy – but who isn’t?

I believe in happy endings however I know that not everyone is lucky enough to get one, but such is life. I think fine lines exist to be pushed and possibly crossed.


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