Review: Sordid by Ava Harrison

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Review: Sordid by Ava HarrisonSordid by Ava Harrison
on February 14th 2018
Pages: 309
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It was his lips. The way his stare sent shivers down my spine. The way his rough voice whispered my name.

So I caved. I did what I knew I shouldn’t.

But as quickly as he’s there, he’s gone. Leaving me confused. Devastated. I hope I’ll never see him again…

Then I do.

He’s my new boss. And he has secrets.

Review: Sordid by Ava Harrison

My Thoughts…

I have been in such a book funk for the last couple of months and FINALLY a book that I’m able to scream from the rooftops that IT’S AMAZING!! Sordid by Ava Harrison has done what so many others book have failed to do, IT MADE ME FEEL!!!  Oh the feels!!!  Ms Harrison has brought back the feelings of why I love to read!!! This book checks so many of my boxes…  Angst: check! Heartbreak: check! Sexy Alpha: check! Strong Heroine: check! This is the first book this year I’m like HELL YES!  This book NEEDS to be read!! This was a HUGE 5 star read for me!

Can one night change everything???  After having the worst first day at a temp job Bridget decides to meet with a friend for drinks. She arrives and he’s with another girl, she decides the night is just not going to happen! That’s when a sexy stranger changes everything.  They have drinks and when the hottest make out section looks like it’s going to go further he rejects her.   Little does she know this sexy stranger is about to become her boss.

Grant Lancaster is about to open a new hotel and needs an assistant that is competent. He’s already fired several and when Bridget comes in the door they both seem like it’s some sort of mistake.  Grant knew he had to walk away from Bridget and now seeing her in the flesh again he knows there’s got to be some sort of mistake.  So many things have been working against him lately and he feels like this is just another ploy against him.

Grant and Bridget know they must learn to work together.  Bridget is hard working and keeps Grant on his toes and Grant can’t afford to lose another assistant before the opening. The sexual tension between them grows and grows but Grant knows he shouldn’t act on it.  There are things that Bridget doesn’t know about him and when she finds out he knows there will no longer be any hope for them.

What secrets does Grant have? What happens when Bridget learns the truth? Will there be a happy ever after for them? No matter how strong the chemistry, it seems like the universe is working against them.   Will they ever have more than a work relationship?  Why does the heart want what it can’t have? You will need to read Sordid to see how it ends for Grant and Bridget!

These two quotes just touched my soul!!  They are so heartbreaking… but GAH… I love it!

I’m not your perfect love story. There’s no fairy tale with me. No happy ending will happen for us, Bridget. You have to come to terms with that. – Grant

I know I shouldn’t ask this of you, but I’m just a man.  A weak man who’s desperate for a woman he can’t have – Grant

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