Review: Twisted by Mandi Beck

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Review: Twisted by Mandi BeckTwisted by Mandi Beck
on June 4th, 2017
Pages: 97
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Three friends walk into a bar . . . One walks out the fake girlfriend of a hot, bearded Scotsman.

Fannin McGuire is up for promotion at Tate and Cane Enterprises, but first she has to make it through her stepsister’s wedding. To Fannin’s ex. Yep. Her ex-fiancé is about to be her new brother-in-law. One big happy family. And lucky her, she also gets to work with him. While Fannin is putting all of her energy into her career, her ex is putting all of his energy into making her life hell. Just when Fannin is sure she’ll be attending the wedding without a plus one, in walks Jasper James to save the day. He’s the bartender at the Iron Flask, the account she’s trying to land, and everything she didn’t know she needed or wanted. Before Fannin knows what’s happening, Jasper is playing knight in shining armor and she likes it. And him. A lot. With his smooth Scottish accent, ridiculously good looks, and that beard? She doesn’t stand a chance. Jasper isn’t in the habit of rescuing anyone. But when Fannin is confronted by her ex about her lack of a date for his upcoming nuptials, Jasper can’t help but step in. Her wild hair, violet eyes, and killer legs have him doing a few things he normally wouldn’t. Never mind that he shouldn’t be getting involved with the woman in charge of making the bar a global success. Their fake relationship becomes more real than either thought it would. Now they’re at the mercy of their feelings when truths are twisted, and the lies don’t taste as smooth as the whisky

Review: Twisted by Mandi Beck

My Thoughts…

I have always been a huge fan of Mandi Beck and I when I saw she was apart of this novella series I knew I had to jump all over it!! I simply devoured Twisted!! DEVOURED! The flow of the novella is so easy and seamless and Ms Beck always brings us great characters! Her females are always kick ass sassy ladies and the men you want to swoon over and lick your kindle in hopes they come to life! Fannin and Jasper where no exception! By the end I wanted Fannin to be my best friend and I wanted my Jasper to be mine! Or at least a sexy bearded Scottish man for my own! This is a complete novella told in alternating points of views between the male and female lead characters.

Fannin needs a date from her step-sister’s wedding who’s now marring her ex-boyfriend.  Yes you read that right! When Jasper a bartender at her new clients bar volunteers to be her date she agrees. She never knew what she was getting herself into.  The chemistry they share from the get go is off the charts.  Jasper is easy going and makes Fannin feel like she is the only women in the room.  Fannin and Jasper went from being pretend relationship to starting to have real feelings for each other.

Just when things looks perfect, something will change everything.  Are things to good to be true?  Can Fannin and Jasper get back on track? You will to read Twisted to find out!! This is one not to miss and one I highly recommend!!

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